Hi guys,
a long time has passed since the last update but here we go again.

Since a few weeks we’re having a weekly meetup for artists of all fields in Hamburg, so if you’re around come join us for a sketching session!
Graphic Arts Meetup Logo
We regulary meet wednesdays to catch a drink and talk about all the stuff that interests us at that moment.
You’re very welcome to join!

This is out of my sketchbook from one of our drawing sessions:
sketchbook page
(rightclick the image and view fullsize)

In other news, you can now purchase my design “Milk” on t-shirts and tops, yay!
milk link

For more t-shirts visit the apparel section on my portfolio!

Love you all, have a good weekend!

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Hey there folks!
New month – new luck. I’ll be moving to Hamburg finally, and this month also brings you two more tshirt designs to VOTE for!
This is them: “Schneek├Ânigin”“Milk”
vote here
You should also go and like Neverhill.de as a company on facebook as every “like” saves some m┬▓ of rainforest.

Don’t forget to also love and purchase my other tees!
A collection of them is to be found HERE

Thank you all!

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This and That


I’m on tumblr now. Why? I don’t know. I clearly have no life, all these channels I have to update frequently… I wonder wether or not this has any impact on my success. Probably not. If I’d work instead of keeping a non-existent audience up-to-date, I’d become better in arts. That’d be something, eh?
I got a round to do some art lately nonetheless.

cinnamon dream

cinnamon dream

A fanart. I usually don’t do this stuff, but I really fell in love with CHVRCHES – newcomer synth-pop band from Glasgow. Go check their songs out here



Also new:
I’m trying to establish a digital arts meetup in Hamburg as I’m about to move to this wonderful city to study illustrations at the HAW Hamburg, as some of you know.
Find the pre-planning for this meetup on the facebook-page:
Join, participate, come, sketch with us!

Petite in Coat


w.i.p.-shot of just someone.
in a petticoat.
that’s it.
what’s it going to be then, eh?
we’ll see.

(right-click -> fullsize)
petite in coat


Welcome to 2013


I hope you weren’t all too wasted lovely readers.

I’ll start of with some sketchbook work:
(right click -> view fullsize)



After that I will use my jedi mind tricks to get you to buyout my new published tees on neverhill.de

and as a special neverhill-exclusive design:

“Dear Internetz,
I’m not praying often, but this time Internetz, I seek your help. As you are my only god let this prayer reach out to you, so it shall be heard by your million ears. Let the information that I will give you not sediment to the very ground of your being but flourish and root in your manifold mind.

I ask you, my thousand-hearted, to VOTE for my T-SHIRTS on Neverhill.de !!
VOTE NOW! if you want one of my selected designs on a ethically correct and ecofriendly and affordable shirt.”


Oh, and while you’re at it, do me a favour and… vote!

You have a good night Internetz,
love you!

Once again a latenight post. Have been collecting some designs that I think could work very well on shirts. Some of them are entirely new and haven’t been shown by me before. Most of them I even just did for the contest.
Vote now and the shirts with most votes will soon be available in the Neverhill.de-Competition to vote for!

(Click to fullsize!)

(Neverhill.de is a company selling ethically correct, 100% ecofriendly and affordable shirts, go support them!)
– – – – – – – – – – – – – –
As for the milk design that i started yesterday. This here is a higher resolution version of the final piece. Please give me some feedback when you’re already on it ; )

(Rightclick -> open image)

And for the people curious how some of the other designs look in higher resolution here they are:


(Rightclick -> open image)

Thanks heaps for voting!

T-Shirts, whooop!


Hey folks,

Really late this time already 5:30 in the morning… need sleep… can’t stop.

Because making design for t-shirts is so fucking amazing! Earlier this week I went to a cre8 open_space in Oldenburg, that being a meetup for regional creatives, and had a really nice talk with some people offering ethical and 100% ecofriendly, organic and whatnot shirts with nice designs. They told me about a design contest that they’ve started that I will participate in.

So far I worked on a range of design in different styles. Just showing you a work in progress of the latest one now and the other ones later. Thanks to the Neverhill.de-Crew for the opportunity.

Aaaah, sleep!